Monday, October 10, 2011

'Why I Write' By Williams Response

This passing week, my class has read "Why I Write' by a Ms. Williams. While I ws reading this passage, there were so many phrases that she used, that I connected to easily. One line was "I write to remember. I write to forget". I have done, what i like to call, Stress Writing where I grab my laptop and I start writing. Depending on my day the stories I write either end up with a happy ending or a traitorous ending. *Note to self: traitorous probably isn't even a word* There's even a passage she writes about how she write to morn the loss of a loved one, or something like that. Recently my grandfather passed and i've kinda been avoiding writing about him. The fact that Ms. Williams writes to deal with the loss is inspiring to me. She also made me realize that by a story I wrote a long time ago, I gave hope to my mother. Which i am very proud to have written.

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